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My name is Katie Wedding, and 

I am an evidential medium. This means that I specialize in communicating with passed loved ones. During a reading, I share specific evidence of the spirit that is visiting (often including names, physical descriptions and memories). I also relay messages of comfort and healing from your loved ones who have passed. 

My medium skills were awakened after my mom died and began sending signs from Heaven. I have made it my mission to share these messages of hope and the knowledge that our loved ones never leave us.

I utilize my previous experience as a teacher and school counselor when delivering messages. In addition to working as a medium, I operate an online shop (Wicki’s Wings: Gifts for Life’s Ups and Downs), specializing in therapeutic gifts for grieving families. 

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Where Can You Find Me?

When I am not doing private readings, you can find me here:

SOULstice Saturday Series


on my Facebook page (Katie Wedding- Medium)

Please join me every weekend for inspirational interviews with special guests. We explore the gift of intuition, and learn how others use this gift to enhance their everyday lives.

Thursday Morning Medium

 Thursdays at 9:00 AM Central, 

on my Facebook page (Katie Wedding- Medium)

Join me on Facebook LIVE to learn more about the gift of mediumship and lessons I have learned from Spirit through my work as an evidential medium 

The In Spirit Podcast- Join me with my co-host and fellow medium, Bethany Ward, for our podcast. The In Spirit Podcast is your home for grounded spirituality and its application to real life. 


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