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  • PRIVATE READING: (1 person) Private reading, in person, to visit with loved ones who have passed. 
  • PAIRS READING: (2 people)  Both sitters will stay together in the same room throughout the reading, to visit with passed loved ones
  • FAMILY READING (3-5 people) All members will sit together as group to visit with loved ones who have passed
  • GROUP READING (max of 25 people) Audience- type reading for group of people in your Home/Party (1 hour)
  • MINI-READING PARTY (max of 2 hours) private mini readings (15 min each) at your Home/Party
  • SOULstice Coaching Sessions (50 min) Private 1:1 coaching for those looking to develop their own mediumship skills. You will learn to listen to your intuition and discover ways you can apply this in your everyday life. No prior experience necessary 
  • GROUP SPEAKING ENGAGEMENTS: I will share my story about my  journey into mediumship and my lessons from the other side. Please contact me directly to arrange details and discuss speaking fees



I am an intuitive medium, and specialize in communicating messages of love and comfort from passed loved ones. My medium skills were awakened after my mom died and began sending signs from Heaven. I felt nudged to share messages of hope and the knowledge that our loved ones never leave us.

I utilize my previous experience as a teacher and school counselor when delivering messages. In addition to working as a medium, I operate an online shop (Wicki’s Wings: Gifts for Life’s Ups and Downs), specializing in therapeutic gifts for grieving families. 

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What To Expect

I am a medium. This means that I use my intuitive senses to communicate with your passed loved ones.  The Spirit realm provides evidence and loving messages for you to recognize and heal.

This reading and message is for you! If you schedule a private session, please arrive alone. (We have no control over which of your passed loved ones will appear- so bringing a family member or friend with you changes the energy  and may bring forth THEIR passed loved ones instead of yours. If you want to sit with 1-2 others, please schedule a small group reading)

Private and Small Group Readings take place in my home in Webster Groves, MO. ( I am happy to travel to you for an additional fee- contact me to arrange before booking)

Please bring the following: 

  • -photo of your passed loved one AND/OR
  • -item belonging to your loved one
  • an open mind 

At the end of each session, I am happy to answer questions about mediumship and will share some of the main lessons from the other side.

CANCELLATION POLICY: I require notice of cancellation more than 24 hours prior to your scheduled appointment. Any cancellations made within the 24 hour window prior to your appointment will not be refunded. This includes sessions paid for with gift certificates or promotions 


Send Message

For questions or requests for customized readings, please send me a message. I will get back to you soon.

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